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About the School

Mission Statement  

Virgie Middle School will be The Standard of Success when:

Students are. . .

  • Attentive in Class
  • Attending School Every Day
  • Actively Participating in Class
  • Well Behaved
  • Respectful of Themselves and Others
  • Participating in School Activities
  • Doing Their BEST

Administrators are. . .

  • Being a friend
  • Caring about and listening to students' point of view
  • Recognizing and rewarding outstanding achievement and accomplishments
  • Working to create fair rules that everyone can follow
  • Doing His BEST

Teachers are. . .

  • Creating a fun and safe learning environment
  • Preparing students for life, not a test
  • Treating all students with respect
  • Attending School Every Day
  • Prepared with a Fun and Exciting Learning Activity Every Day
  • Doing Their BEST

Parents are. . .

  • Informed about school
  • Working with teachers and administrators
  • Actively involved with the school
  • Showing school spirit
  • Disciplining as needed
  • Making sure students are on time and prepared
  • Doing Their BEST